Areas of Focus

Every household that we work with has different financial goals and dreams to pursue. With that in mind, we strive to build a plan or strategy for AT LEAST 5 of the following areas that we focus on. Our FEE SCHEDULE is constructed on this level of depth that we are providing for our clients.

  1. Financial Planning

  2. Portfolio Construction & Investment Management

  3. Income Planning & Analysis

  4. Succession Planning (Estate)

  5. Protection Strategies (Insurance)

  6. Tax Strategies

  7. Philanthropic Planning

Financial Planning

A strong financial plan is the foundation for guiding you to your financial dreams. You will help us craft a successful financial plan that we will bring to life over years of working together. We have created a Financial Planning Process and encourage all of our clients to update their plans annually, at a minimum. Much like climbing a mountain, your financial plan will serve as your map to the top of your climb AND back down. We will walk alongside you.

Portfolio Construction &

Investment Management Planning

We utilize LPL Financial as our Broker Dealer. Being Independent allows us to invest in the products that will serve your best interests while keeping the costs under control. We believe in a disciplined approach to investing that does NOT include chasing returns or making hasty decisions when the markets inevitably move around. Our broad sea of resources has served us well in constructing our portfolios, which we rebalance quarterly, at a minimum.

Income Planning & Analysis

Being able to live a life with as little stress as possible, requires an appropriate amount of income. You probably have several ways to generate income beyond your working years. All sources of income have varying degrees of risk that are worth discussing and having a plan to ensure that you and your family are comfortable no matter what the markets do. We look at several different numbers, such as reliance rate and withdrawal rates, to help you analyze your income and identify any potential risks.

Succession Planning (Estate)

While we are not estate attorneys, we believe in a coordinated effort with your attorneys to ensure that all of your goals are aligned with professional team. It is important to understand how assets pass to the next generation after we are gone. We help you start building that plan and drive the appropriate conversations with your family and professionals. We also specialize in working with beneficiaries and helping them execute the estate and settle the assets.

Protection Strategies (Insurance)

We are licensed to sell all types of life insurance, but at this time are choosing to refer most of this business to a valued insurance professional. Our conversations focus on the different hazards that can derail your financial goals and potentially put your family members in difficult situations. You will likely need to address situations like long-term care events, unexpected lawsuits, disability, traveling risks, higher-than-normal inflationary periods, loss of income, and more. We discuss these and look at options available and what their costs might be to you. We can then drive the conversations with you and your family and any other professionals needed to facilitate.

Tax Strategies

We are not Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). We help our clients with strategies for reducing taxes through tax-loss harvesting, making strategic contributions to different types of accounts, gifting, and more. We also help with understanding and executing strategies to take some pressure off of your beneficiaries and assets that you might inherit. Lastly, we take the time to go through your tax returns from time-to-time to look for opportunities and ensure that no stone goes unturned.

Philanthropic Planning

We love our clients that want to give back to the organizations that they cherish. One of the tools that we have available is Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) which allow us to manage the assets after they are gifted into a “pool of funds” for the non-profit organizations of your choosing. Most philanthropic planning requires a coordinated effort with your CPAs and estate attorneys.

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